A Wonderful Wild Learning Experience!

Boat Ride

Boat Ride

Ever since I was a young child I was very sheltered.  I remember seeing and hearing many things that my family claimed were all in my head.  Long story short I was taught to ignore the false reality.  In truth, I would learn much later that my beliefs are very real.  This lead me to a really neat guy who showed me paranormal experiences aboard the very haunted “Queen Mary” in Long Beach, CA.  Yup, I enjoyed several visits, for a few months, and a couple times each week.  Any questions that I had were quickly put to rest as legitimate encounters of people and ghosts.

It is one thing to say I believe and another to have been educated through real experiences.  Yes, they can and do enter into your real senses.  My personal experience was both seen, felt and heard.  I suppose they also have a since of humor and they seem to see what we see and hear.  For example, I was walking through the boiler room and I see a empty water bottle come flying out in front of my service dog, Lucky.  Then Lucky kicked the water bottle up into the air.  I had seen this through the corner of my eyes and was not sure I had actually seen this.  Then I saw it happen again and this time I was paying attention.  From the corner of the room a empty drink cup comes flying in front of Lucky and he kicks it up into the air again.  It seems my service dog was being entertained and played with by the unseen.  Lucky is very intuitive just like his daddy.  He was not threatened by the entity and neither was I.  Sometimes life is so much more if we just allow ourselves to open our awareness and realize we are not alone.  In my next post I will talk about good and bad ghost, entities, and spirits.  Life is a wonderful thing to learn with…. Enjoy a magical day with your loved ones and family!


Cords and Boundaries


Yes, it is true!  Notice how the whole world seems to live by this fact.  I’ve been very lucky to see it.  People do see it everywhere they look.  As a child it was my definition of love.  Knowing that people do is the most amazing empowerment I’ve ever known.  What is the big secret I talk about?

First, lets talk about cords.  As a child I was taught that letting family know where I am at all times is just good for my safety.  It makes people feel close and secure as a family unit.  In truth… Here is what I was learning as a kid.  I was constantly under very close guard of my family.  They said people who love each other stay close and communicate well.  Now I realize I was learning to build energetic cords with my family.  My condition was even more complex for me.  I have always been empathic.  As an empathy, being corded, is not a great idea.  It means that I am able to check in on people in the family without seeing or hearing from them directly.  I simply know what is going on with them empathically.  It also means that the feeling they experience I also experience.  I use to think the depression, fear, and anger was my own.  During this last year, I begin leaning how to control my empathic ability.  It all begins with understanding the cording that people do.  I found I was corded to my family, friends and even my animals.  Since I began letting the cords go my abilities as a psychic have strengthened.  The problem is that being corded violates both yours and my closes value system.  It’s a fundamental law of the universe.  We are born whole and complete.  The entire challenge with cords is it means you are dependent on others for your identity.    This is untrue.  You are whole and complete!

The next important lesson I learned about is acknowledging I have boundaries.  I have written so many blogs on this subject that It must be truly important.  People say that goals are important.  I somewhat disagree!  Goals may be good and they work only after you determine your boundaries.  I use to believe boundaries were big walls.  The meaning of life is to design your boundaries and find supportive people who what to honor and support you in your life.  The reverse is also true.  My outcome in life is to create a magnificent role I can enjoy that supports my friends.  I now look for people to enjoy my life with that have defined boundaries.  Think of boundaries as blueprints which lay out your life.  Your values in life are directly connected to your successes and failures you choose to experience.  Boundaries are not meant to make exceptions.  They do not offer flexibility where they can be taken advantage of.  People who dishonor my boundaries are quickly moved to my forest.  The forest a place where people are moved out of my life.  Read my other post on boundaries because they are one of the most important pieces of controlling your life.

Learning to control my life as an empath.  I have completely turned my life around and brightened my world.  In a later post I will talk about how I dissolved all the cords that kept me relying on others in my life.  Today, I fully enjoy having control of my life.  It’s fun knowing that people respect my creation of this world.    The people who use to drain my energy have simply disappeared while very supportive people are there to witness my accomplishments.  I would love to hear your experiences in life about how you have found boundaries useful or helpful.  Please share with me how you have cut the cords with people in your life.  Tell me about your experience when you took control of you life.  What did you do and how does it feel?

Understanding your doggies! Knowing your pet…


PART 2:   (Be Sure You Read Part 1 By Clicking Here.)

I choose to visit the pet store and I buy Lucky Raw, pressure washed patties.  They have a great variety of chicken, rabbit, beef and more.  So many flavors that they never – Never Ever get board.  The benefit of pressure washed raw meat is – according to the makers – It get rid of diseases from the meat which could harm the animal or people like bad bacteria.  Dogs, cats and animals are biologically the same as in the wild. Wolves and dogs even share the same genetics. Raw Diets are cleaned of pathogenic bacteria.  They use a process called High Pressure Processing (HPP).  In essence, HPP uses water pressure to kill harmful bacteria.  This helps keep my doggies clean, healthy and well hydrated.  Depending on how you decide to use the raw diet, this can range from very price to less pricy.  In both cases, your animal is worth it.  Your animal depends on your every thought, decisions and effort you share with it.

Keep in mind that all animals, just like humans are emotional.  Like us, they have stress in their lives too.  Do you walk your doggie, play with your doggie and do you do play dates for your animals?  These are all very important for the welfare of your animals.  Dogs are pack animals.  The NEED socialization and the pecking order of the pack.  They are looking for the leader and they will be very happy if this is you.  Remember, they can not feed themselves or get their own water.  They need you to keep them in mind.  They desire to be close to you.  They like toys.   Go get them some!  Keep your doggie and pets stress free by loving them in the way they understand.  That is not where it stops though.  The environment of your animal begins with what you put into it’s body!  Decide to put better food into your animal.  Promote only a great environment for your pet inside and out.  This helps to keep your animal stress free.  A stress free animal help promote a loving bond with your dogs and cats.

Keep in mind that I am not a doctor, vet or licensed to care for people or your animal.  This is my humble opinion and this information is what I use to care for my doggies.   I remember a friend of mine when I started learning about these alternatives around us.  She used some of this information to stop her asthma.  The funny thing is she was a vet tech.  After she learned these amazing new ideas, she applied these to her service dogs.  She quit her job as a vet technician and began teaching people about the benefits of caring for their dogs.  Today is works for one of the largest pet companies as a dog trainer.  Actually, it’s more like she trains the people to understand the language of the dog and it all starts inside with what you feed your dog.  Any symptoms your dog is having may just be the only way your doggie or kitty is able to communicate with you.  I hope this helps you some!  I think Ill post this on my blog also.  It’s a much better FB post than I was expecting to write.  I’ll do my part and the Reiki and loving energy is on it’s way.  Blessings with your doggie!

Understanding your doggies! Knowing your pet…


PART 1-2:  

Reiki and loving supportive energy is on it’s way!  There are so few services for these service animals and I decided to offer my services for Reiki.  If you have a service animal, be sure to use my services for Reiki.  I offer them free to people with service animals.   Here is some great ideas to help your pets!  I share with people some wonderful tips I learned and applied to all my dogs. I am blessed to have shared it with others who have shared it with their beautiful animals.  Ok, here it goes…

1>  I give my dogs clean cold pressed coconut oil every day, once a day.  According to sources online and by some teachers… Coconut oil may have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties that may be the cause of joint pain.  In addition, this oil is said to be utilized the easiest in the body.  Lubricating the joints with GOOD OILS can have an amazing effect.  Now keep in mind that if it is given with some food they absolutely LOVE and THRIVE for the stuff.

2> I cleaned up the dog food.  Many people have no idea that dog food can be made of expired meat from the grocery store which is then shipped to the pet food companies.  They may take the whole package of meat, plastic and styrofoam blend it together and call it bi-products.  Yum…  as i said – I cleaned up my doggies diet.    There are a few choices I though of for my dogs.

  • A good dry dog food with bi-products which include only other pieces of the meat, like eyes – bones – feet, etc.  Of course the only challenge with this option for me and my dogs is the fact that ALL DRY DOG FOOD may promote dehydration in your doggies!  In my book of ideas… dehydration is not a wonderful life to live.  Owning a hydrated dog means less joint pain for my dogs and in combination with the cold pressed coconut oil all 3 of my dogs have been very happy.
  • THE RAW FOOD DIET!  It was just so funny to me  when I learned that it is possible for dogs to eat raw chicken on the bones!  Amazing!  According to a large source of information the dogs body knows how to break down the bones, cartilage and all of the animals bi-products. (just not the human ones… like Styrofoam, plastic, ink, etc.)  In fact, the only time that a chicken bone is a choking hazard is when it is cooked… because it slivers from the dry brittle bone.  Lucky is on a raw food diet.  I learned of a few great choices for raw.  I could use raw meat on the bones and my dogs would absolutely LOVE IT!!!

This blog was much bigger than I was expecting.  I decided to break it into two post and this is the first part.  Know that I wrote this on 0 hours of sleep in the last 35 hours.  This post may be filled with many spelling and grammar typos.  Too bad…  Actually, I am so tired that I hope you will wish me a great morning as I return to the land of relaxation and sleep.  🙂  Honestly, I am excited to have written this blog.  I will post part two in a couple days!  Know that I care deeply for all animals and my heart is in a great place for you and your pet or service animal.  I am not a doctor or veterinary, nor am i licensed or authorized to care for your pet.  I do not give any advice!  All i can do is simply share my passion with you, as I have learned it.  It seems to work well for my doggies and my friends.   Please write below in this blog with your questions.  i do read them and I will get back to you as soon as I’m awake and available.  TIll later… Good night/morning as it will be.


Life’s Puzzle, Cosmic Coaching


Are you a professional mom or dad?  Are you a CEO or business leader?  Maybe you are a stay at home mom?  Are you psychic or a medium?  Tell me about the pieces of your life today!  I know that we’re all connected as a one big picture.  I am a psychic, medium, empath, cosmic coach, friend and much more.  Each title, a piece to the puzzle!

But wait…  combine it all into one!  I am Eric Phillips and that is me.  I am one jigsaw piece to the puzzle and this puzzle has millions of pieces.  Imagine all the roles in your life and in the lives of others around you.  Connect us together and we are one big picture.  We must create smaller pictures for us to get results that we desire.  Even the photo in this blog is only a single piece.  My camera can only catch a small area!  Now think about connecting all the photos in the world!  It’s a giant jigsaw puzzle!!!

The key to success is gathering the key pieces to the world that you desire.  Create and design your outcomes.  Know your goals and use your tools for success.  Our universe is all connected as a solid whole.

You are not alone and you never were.  You were connected in many ways even in your birth!  What if the entire world connected with you in mind to bring you here!  That’s a huge idea.  It’s your idea.  In fact, they brought you here and named you!  My name is Eric Phillips.  I am just one piece to this puzzle, then I found you!  You also know someone!  What if in helping just one person in your life, it helps another piece of the puzzle somewhere else.  The fact is you can’t put the final piece of the puzzle together until you accept putting the piece before it together.  That means you need to know what you want in life.  Later I will write more about how we are all connected!

I began to get my first glimpse after my medical diagnosis when I was sick in the hospital.  Today I teach this concept to my students.  Although, I admit… I have never taught it as a never ending puzzle.  Think about it!  You can have millions of snapshots from your camera and there is always more to connect.  This means you are an awesome piece to the puzzle.  You create it the way you design it.  It’s all yours!

Have fun now!  Visit the online link now to travel to my website.  I placed a fun jigsaw puzzle for you to enjoy.  Model the experts who know the secret and bring the pieces together.  Then let me know what you think!

When you visit my page… order my business card and get a FREE $35 gift.  It’s a great addition to the pieces of your puzzle!  Play the FREE puzzle game now!



Setting The Boundary


I think it is very interesting that so many people have trouble understanding boundaries.  The First problem in understanding boundaries is the concept that eludes many people.  The second problem is enforcing the boundaries that people may be feeling.  Of course, my students always find gratitude in the course of defining such clear boundaries with their family, friends, acquaintances and even co-workers!

The structure is quite simple for us.  We will start by having you in control of your life and environment.  You need to take responsibility.  You need to know your outcome for what influences your world.  Make the necessary decision to build a structure which offers you a safe environment to live in.  Let’s talk about your life and all of all your friends.  This is the foundation of having fun!

Start with a metaphor.  Imagine you are the queen or king of your kingdom.  You take over the land and create the place for the people.  You offer great protection and structure to all those whom you befriend.  You begin to notice that people seek refuge in your kingdom because you care about them.  They see it!

The walls to the castle are high with a great views of your land.  Inside the castle is your court.  People in your court are held in the highest respect.  They are given great sanctuary. They are close to you.  These people in your life you will do anything for you and you for them in a split second.  When the phone rings you answer it immediately.

Below your castle and within your kingdom walls is your village.  Open your village to all the acquaintances, friends, family and co-workers who are loyal and respect your kingdom.  These are the people who enjoy the benefits of living in your world.  They are in your protection and know they are safe inside.  These people may not always have their calls answered right away, but they do know their king/queen cares about them.  These people are always acknowledged in a reasonable amount of time.

Next you have the outskirts of the kingdom.  The forest is a big place which is lush and green.  However, for all it’s beauty is the uncertainty and lack of safety.  This is the land of banishment.  People are placed in the forest to take care of themselves without the help of their king/queen.  They are placed here because they are not allowed to poorly influence my kingdoms people.  These people must be responsible for their own safety. The people in the forest may take advantage of others or try moving boundaries which were set.  These people are responsible for themselves or will be devoured by the dragon and other creatures which hide in the forest.  I can still play in the forest with these people when I want.  The best part of the forest is knowing that it self maintains itself, as does my entire kingdom.

See, the entire kingdom is a big and beautiful place to live.  People appreciate the structure and safety it provides.  You gain more control in your life and the environment is pleasurable.  Now all that remains is your outcome and making the decision to build your kingdom.

I use this metaphor because most of my students become aware of the importance of the simplicity of its structure.  In the next post on boundaries learn about how I decided who goes into my kingdom and where they get placed.  Now, let’s get started!  Think about structuring your kingdom and list all the people who will be inside.  We’ll talk about more detail in the next post.

The Master Creative Speller!


As you know my name is Eric Phillips.  I am Empathic, Reiki Master, Medium, and a Minister of Spiritual and Psychic Healing.  I am also a Published Author, Speaker, Coach, Hypnotherapist, NLP Communications Specialist and Profiler.  I also preform both stage and close up magic.  Most of you are beginning to learn I am also a master at creative spelling
—>  Yes!  There can be no stopping me here.

I just wanted to be very loving and share something with you.  I know that spelling and grammar is very important to some of you.  It is for these very special individuals that I am posting this in my blog.  I am a master creative speller.  This means I use the most creative and innovative ways to deliver my messages and ideas to you.  However, though my entire life, grammar and spelling was not my strong suit.  I am not a writer!  I do lots of writing and my outcome is to just communicate with you the best I do.  My goal is to have you understand my thoughts and desires.  This means it is not absolutely necessary for me to have ideal spelling, but to be sure my message is understood with everyone who reads it.  I do use spelling and grammar checker on my computer and this does not always catch the mistakes or wrong spelling of a word I mean to say.  (i.e. Too, to, two, etc.) If you find yourself challenged by any of my post I am in the process of starting a radio and TV show online.  This may be a better avenue of my gifts and techniques delivered to you.  I am aiming to get started around November, this year, in these live and recorded shows.

Yup, it’s all true!  I do have a published book.  For all my spelling and grammar creativity, I have a editor.  She sometimes find it very challenging and one of my books can keep her busy for several months. Proofing my books to make corrections and enhancements is very time consuming for an editor and very expensive.

My level of commitment to my clients, students and followers is very high.  However, writing many post each week means that I don’t have the money for someone full time.  I give many thanks for my spelling checker on my computer which corrected more than 50 spelling and grammatical errors in just this one post.

I appreciate you, my readers.  I am grateful for your ability to love my mastery in creative spelling and grammar.   I do read all the comments in my post = I do care!  I am happy to respond if you are lost or don’t understand something I say.  Just let me know.

Your awesome and I thank you for following me in my journey as a Psychic Healer!